Summer means a lot of things to a lot of people: vacations, beach time, campouts.

But for football fans, it is also a time when teams start to get together again and the potential for a great season is at its peak.

Yes, the actual season is still weeks away, but the first New England Patriots preseason game happens Aug. 11 against the New York Giants.

There are plenty of fans who are ready, myself included.

And when it comes to the Pats, among all those fans are quite a few celebrities.

You can't really go through a 20-year streak of success like the Patriots did without picking up a few famous fans. The star power of Tom Brady alone draws in fans of all kinds – along with haters of all kinds.

Plus there's the litany of Boston-born celebrities who simply love the team they grew up watching and never stopped no matter where they live now.

Whatever the reason for loving the Patriots, plenty of celebrities do just as much as you and me. This list of 20 celebrities has plenty of big names that you probably already know love the team and perhaps a few celebs that you didn't.

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