Twenty-four years. That's a long time to work anywhere.

After 24 years, you know all the ins and outs of an organization.

You know the boss and what he/she likes. You know who is slacking and who is working hard. You know where the good parking spaces are.

Listen:  "Bill Belichick" Calls Michael and Maddie Looking for New Job

Bill Belichick has been the head coach of the New England Patriots so long that Fun 107 morning show cohost has no working memory of this not being the case. In her world, much like Jack Torrance in The Shining, Belichick has always been the head coach for the Patriots.

That's no longer true.


Pats owner Robert Kraft joined Belichick at a news conference Jan. 11 to announce that Belichick was moving on. The future Hall of Fame coach will no longer be seen donning Patriots gear on the sidelines come game day.

We had to commemorate the moment with a goodbye to one of the most instrumental people in the history of the New England Patriots.

"Bill Belichick," as busy as he is, called Michael and Maddie to see if we could help him land a new job. He seemed to be focused on coaching in the call just a couple of days before the official announcement, but Maddie encouraged him to open himself up to other opportunities that might not involve coaching.

One thing is for sure: The coach isn't ready to stop working, and he's not going to sit around and wait to lose his job before he takes action. Listen to his call above.

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