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SouthCoast, I need your help.

My fiancé’s birthday is coming up in a few short weeks and the anxiety to deliver a sentimental celebration has set in. I’m the type of person that loves to celebrate any occasion, but I bank on specific details from the honored guest to make any celebration perfect.

In other words, I’m not the best at surprises. Ross, however, loves surprises, whether he’s giving or getting them.

He casually brought up the other night at dinner that his birthday is coming up.

“Don’t tell me what we’re doing, I’m sure you’re going to come up with something awesome,” he said.

Little did he know, I was hoping he would tell me which restaurant he wanted to go to or what his ideal celebration would be. Now the pressure is on to concoct a meaningful birthday celebration, during a pandemic, that will have him saying, “Wow!”

Surprises are well-intended, but honestly, I would rather know what I’m doing and get excited from the anticipation of it, because what if the surprise doesn't live up to your expectation?

I’m worried that Ross will form the perfect birthday in his mind and be disappointed at what I come up with.

But here we are. So, the question is, where do I start? It’s not like I can have a dozen of his closest friends over and watch him blow out 33 candles. That’s a big no-no in 2020.

How should I surprise my fiancé for his 33rd birthday?

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