There is a really great car wash near my home. It really is awesome. Its got a gas station, a state of the art car wash which only costs 5 bucks, a store, and tons of vacuum's. The vacuum;s are FREE!! So, you can pull right up and vacuum to your hearts content.

Here is the problem. Its abused!! People drive up to a vacuum station, and proceed to vacuum their car, but while they are there, they shine the tires, clean out the glove box, wash windows, all while there is a line of people waiting for a vacuum to become available.

Now, let me state that I am not one to complain about ANYTHING happening just once, so the first time it happened, I figured it was just a couple of people that one time I went, BUT it happens EVERY time I go. If there is no one waiting, fine, take your time, but when you see a line of cars, vacuum your car, and move on and let someone else in, before you ruin it for everyone