Searching for a new car is stressful, but it seems to be particularly stressful for women. Don’t believe me? I’ll let you in on a few experiences I’ve had.

In my 11 years of having a driver’s license, I have had five cars, each time dealing with different car salesmen. When I was younger, my father would assist me in asking the appropriate questions and ensure that I was getting the best bang for my buck.

When I got older, I attempted to go on my own and I was met with disdain from the salesmen as if I had no business being there. Both times I have shopped for cars on my own, I was spoken down to and patronized throughout the experience. I didn’t feel like a valued customer and I did not feel like I was being taken care of to the fullest extent.

Now, 27 years later, I have my father alongside me for my car buying experience.

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I am in no way supporting the lack of respect I received from the salesmen at these establishments by bringing my father along to help me; I simply just need someone in my corner that will fight for me when necessary. Is it right? No, but instead of taking that punch to the gut, I’d rather come back swinging with my own support system. I shared how stressful the process has been, and I was not surprised to see that I’m not alone.


Katie Bodell writes, “Girl, I’m in the process and you’re right! I’ve learned that you need a guy with you. These salesmen think they can pull a fast one off us women and it’s kind of degrading. Thankfully, I don’t take any crap!”

I don’t either, Katie, and that’s why those salesmen did not get my business. Paula Gauthier, who claims to have sold cars for over 11 years, has heard this issue from her own customers. The problem is there, but how do we fix it?

I have no doubt that there are professional, good-hearted car salesmen out there, I just need to find them.

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