One lucky opossum on Cape Cod narrowly escaped death from a wire that was likely the product of litter.

While it's not the first time we are hearing a story of wildlife in danger, it certainly is heartbreaking to learn that an innocent, adorable opossum could have lost his life because of our carelessness.

So, what happened? The opossum was found with a piece of metal wire wrapped so tightly around his stomach that it was cutting circulation and restricting movement.

New England Wildlife Centers
New England Wildlife Centers

This little guy was fortunate that we have some amazing professionals over at the Bourne Department of Natural Resources who not only recovered him but safely transported him to the hospital for careful removal of the wire.

The Cape Wildlife Center says: "His X-rays were clear and we are hopeful for a quick recovery and are hopeful to have him back in the wild in time for fall."

Just another reminder that we need to be careful with our waste. Something as simple as a metal wire was life or death for this little guy. Disposing of such dangers properly takes mere seconds out of our day.

I love the saying on the Cape Wildlife Center Facebook page: "Save A Critter, Clean Up Your Litter."
This is just one of many rescue stories we have been hearing over the last few months and hopefully a reminder to be a bit more mindful of where we are putting our trash.

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