A woman from Forestdale claims that Howard Stern aired private information of hers during his syndicated radio show that has caused her deep distress and embarrassment.  

The Cape Cod Times says that Judith Barrigas filed a suit in U.S. District Court in Boston on Monday of this week claiming that Stern during his radio show joked about the publication and broadcast of Barrigas' tax and personal information and used the broadcast and the humiliation of Mrs. Barrigas as a source of amusement for their listeners.  This is according to the 14-page lawsuit.

Judith alleges that Howard aired a phone conversation she had with an IRS official and since then, she's had to deal with hundreds of harassing phone calls and text messages, leaving her in a "frantic, high-anxiety state." It has caused her difficulty sleeping and eating and difficulty finding employment, the suit says.

It's widely known that Howard Stern is always shocking listeners and guests on his show. If you don't want to risk being exposed for something innocent or not, DON'T call his radio show :)


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