Great Fundraiser, or a very tacky and childish stunt? Bras on a ladder (hence it's a fire department), get it? This is what has Barnstable residents upset, when there are so many other things to be worried about, like how a you cant get gas in Hyannis "The capital of Cape Cod" after 1am because of a silly curfew.

I really can't believe people are angry about this. Does the word 'bra' make you blush? It's a breast cancer awareness effort by the fire department of the Cape's biggest town, and complaints from residents are stacking up.

"We placed a pink ladder out in front of the station and we’re asking people to drop off and donate bras to hang on the ladder and also to make donations, to make monetary donations to bring awareness to breast cancer and to find a cure for it,” West Barnstable Fire Lt. Chris Greim told CBS News.

A couple of the firefighters came up with the idea after seeing something similar on a road trip to Nova Scotia. The complaints prompted Barnstable Fire Department to take down the bras and replace them with ribbons.

Really Barnstable? Lame. Just Lame.

I'm happy we have a department to tries to stimulate awareness in the community with a creative effort. It's it now clear to me, that there is no sense of humor left in the Town of Barnstable, hence why I moved.