It's pretty well documented that for years I have been a major fan of the Work Out World turkey commercial.

For me, it is every bit as much a part of the holiday season as Christmas music. The Work Out World turkey commercials are a Thanksgiving institution here on the SouthCoast the way the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade means turkey day in New York City.

Two years ago, after not hearing the commercial over the first two weeks of November, I went as far as writing an open letter to the marketing executives at Work Out World that proved to be successful. Luckily, Work Out World heard my cries for help and put the commercial back on the air and Thanksgiving was saved.

Last year, after Christine tried to challenge me that more people hated the turkey campaign than loved it, I conducted a Fun 107 online poll. Turns out, according to the Fun 107 audience, two out of three Fun 107 listeners loved the turkey commercials from Work Out World.

Now, here we are again. We're looking at Thanksgiving's arrival next week, but I haven't heard a single Work Out World commercial on Fun 107. I mentioned it on the air this morning and actually got calls agreeing with me. It's not often that a radio commercial is missed by the audience, but that's exactly what is happening here. Work Out World has hit radio gold. Every product in America would kill to achieve that level of market penetration.

I was tempted to just play the commercial for the next few days until Thanksgiving, but I have a feeling that our company might not appreciate me giving away the store.

So I had an idea: if there is a business out there that might feel the same way I do about the turkeys, how about this? If you donate $1,000 to our annual Holiday Wish campaign, we will play the Work Out World turkey commercial once a morning now through Thanksgiving.

What do you say? You could save Thanksgiving all while helping out local families in need. Send a note to if you're interested.

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