I remember when I was 12 years old, Call Waiting was all the rage. Every kid in school had it, and it was the greatest invention ever, according to my middle school mind, because I wouldn't have to hear a busy signal anymore!

I begged my mother to get it, and she finally agreed, but only if I paid for it with my own money that I made from my paper route, which I happily agreed to do. Within a couple of weeks, I had Call Waiting, and loved it. I'd never miss a call again!

Now, fast forward to more than 20 years later. Call Waiting is still a thing, but I don't find that I use it that much anymore. I guess it's because first of all, I don't have a landline phone anymore, and secondly, I don't even use my cell phone to make calls very much, I mostly just text.

However, my Mom still has her call waiting...and she uses it, a lot. As in, pretty much every single time she talks to me. Even just as recently as yesterday, she called me, we were chatting for about two minutes when she all of sudden she says 'Oh, Lor, hold on a sec...' about fifteen seconds later, she comes back on and sure enough, 'Lor, I gotta go, I'll call you back.' Every time!! My question is, who the heck is calling her that she'd rather talk to than me, EVERY SINGLE TIME??? I just don't know...

Do you still use call waiting or nah? Personally, I just think it's so rude. I have the option on my cell phone, but I never use it.