If you have eaten seafood in Buzzards Bay over the past 30 years, chances are Jean Lanahan has served you at least once. Known as the restaurant's "Mama Bear," Jean has been the stabilizing force behind the East Wind Lobster and Grill restaurant.

While ownership of the restaurant officially changed hands to Ed Perkins months ago, Lanahan stayed on as general manager to make sure the transition was as smooth as possible not only for the staff, but just as importantly, for the customers.

That's just the way Lanahan operates because, as she always says, "quality counts."

East Wind Lobster and Grill via Facebook
East Wind Lobster and Grill via Facebook

Her last official day at the seafood restaurant was this weekend, but "Mama Bear" Jean couldn't leave without offering one final piece of advice and thanks to the restaurant's staff and customers.

In a Facebook post, Lanahan gave Perkins words of encouragement. "You got this," she wrote.

Lanahan's farewell to the most important people to the business, the customers, was this:

"Thank you for your continued support these past 30 years," she wrote. "I hope to have fulfilled your expectations as a reputable, respectful, and affordable fish market/eatery. You have put us on the map as an icon in beautiful Buzzards Bay and my appreciation goes to the moon and back!”

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Lanahan credited her dedicated and hard-working staff for the success of the business over the decades. "We could not have worked one day without you!" she wrote. "You know who you are and how much you mean to me.”

She also had a special message to all of the teens and young people that went through her doors as summer employees and part-time workers.

"To the hundreds of kids we trained, and probably yelled at over the years, thank you for showing up! Hope you learned lifelong lessons in our store that you will live by: quality counts in everything you do. It’s that simple," she said.

Lanahan said that the one takeaway lesson for all is that quality really does count. Whether it is customer service, the product, or her house spice dubbed "Mama Bear," everything needs to be done with quality as top of mind.

At 60 years old, Lanahan joked with us that she's still not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. She said she'll most likely continue to do something in the food industry. She loves teaching young people about the restaurant business, and has taught cooking lessons to children in the past.

Best of luck to Jean in her semi-retirement. All the best! You deserve it.

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