Residents of Chatham got a free Bruno Mars concert on Saturday night when the "Uptown Funk!" singer took the stage for a swanky, seven-figure wedding on Cape Cod. It seems Motorola Solutions, Inc. CEO Greg Brown pulled out all the stops for his son's big day at the Chatham Bars Inn.

Apparently coming to Cape Cod for just one night was really worth it, because Bruno reportedly got paid upwards of $3 million for his appearance. Dang!

I guess Brown's son Troy and his new wife Kristen Ryan must be really big fans of the Grammy winner.

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Lots of other Chatham residents are clearly fans as well, because the streets seemed to be packed with people trying to get a glimpse at Mars or at least hear a tiny bit of his set for the wedding. Some even made videos of their attempts at getting close to the wedding, though no actual video from inside the event has emerged just yet.

The crowds were out, however, and the wedding was certainly a full house. Who would turn down a gorgeous fall weekend on the Cape hearing Bruno Mars perform? In case you are wondering, yes, the happy couple made all wedding guests show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test before being welcomed in – and it was quite the venue at which to be welcomed.

The Chatham Bars Inn sits on a beautiful section of Shore Road and boasts some amazing views of Aunt Lydia's Cove. It offers a private beach, massive pool, tennis courts, a spa and so much more on its 25-acre property. It's definitely the kind of place where a high-end wedding with a high-paid wedding singer would take place.

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