Ever since Britney Spears announced her Las Vegas residency, which will find the pop diva performing 50 shows a year, rumors have been running rampant, from what she'll do to whether or not she'll sing live to whether or not it's selling out.

First, there was chatter suggesting that it's a flop. There was even a big mess when the Sin City residency was announced, as the 'Good Morning America' interviewer deviated from the script and asked Brit an unapproved question. The latest drama? Will Brit Brit sing live or will she lip-sync, since she dances so much and doing both can leave her winded?

During an interview with a Chicago radio station, Brit said, "I'm definitely going be singing live. I always sing live. I'm always singing."

Brit Brit also admitted that "it doesn’t sound so great all the time, but I do my best.”

That's all we can ask of her!

Not every singer is on point every single time they sing! She is also dancing her face off, which sometimes makes singing live tough and flawed.

Brit revealed that her sons aren't pottymouthed because of her latest smash 'Work Bitch,' saying, "They've heard the song, but they don't sing along to it."

She joked that the boys have so much energy and that they get up too early in the morning and revealed that she hasn't had "the talk" with them yet.

You know, the one that goes, "I may be your mommy, but I am Britney Spears and I'm a mega star!"

Sean Preston and Jayden James won't be onstage with Mama Brit in Las Vegas, since they have school to focus on. Plus, their dad K. Fed wasn't feeling that.

The singer also addressed the sexiness of the 'Work Bitch' video, saying she nixed a part that she felt was way too sexy and racy.

Is that even possible?

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