If you've been walking, hiking, wandering through any public spaces lately, you just may have been one of the few who have found a brightly colored rock. Here's why!

There's a new gang in town who's mission is to paint rocks - kind of like you did at camp during arts & crafts - and leave them in parks, on trails and other local spots that are have a high volume of pedestrians.

The group, aptly named Bristol County Rocks, notes that it is a fun way for people of all ages and abilities to do something fun and create community. There are some simple rules to this treasure hunt, however.

1. If you CREATE a rock, you are encouraged to share a photo of the rock and paint Bristol County Rocks @ Facebook on the back side of it- a calling card, so to speak. (If you need ideas on where to get nice, smooth stones- try heading down the shorelines where the waves have worked their magic on rocks of all sizes.)

PC Kelley Schwartz via Bristol County Rocks Facebook

2. If you FIND a rock, take a picture of it and post where you found it. You can keep the rock or re-hide it somewhere where it can be found again. (Remember to hide them somewhere easily seen, but not in the way of a lawn mower, in the middle of walking path or in other hazardous places)

We hope this fun trend can continue throughout the summer and hope that it leads to many more painted rocks. What's more fun than going out, getting fresh air and finding treasures along the way?!

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