On Tuesday, the notorious Bridgewater Triangle was the focal point of the latest episode of a new series airing on the History Channel called Beyond Skinwalker Ranch.

A Wareham resident and “spooky” specialist help lead an investigation into the heart of the Bridgewater Triangle to investigate an ancient Native American curse that is said to be the cause of an incredible amount of paranormal activity.

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Beyond Skinwalker Ranch on History Channel

In its first season, Beyond Skinwalker Ranch follows Dr. Travis Taylor, Erik Bard, and their investigative team as they travel the country in an effort to gain a broader perspective on their rigorous investigative work of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) activity and high strangeness at Skywalker Ranch in Utah.

For the sixth episode, two members of the team Andrew Bustamante and Paul Beba, take the trip to the SouthCoast to investigate “one of America’s oldest sites of High Strangeness.”

And Wareham native, Matt Moniz, was the team’s leader as they ventured into the always strange Bridgewater Triangle.

What is a Pukwudgie?

Matt Moniz is the science advisor for WBSM’s “Spooky SouthCoast” and is a specialist when it comes to the legend of the Pukwudgie, a small, shapeshifting creature that torments Freetown and the surrounding area.

“Their smaller creatures, about 3 feet tall, (they) have a slight pot belly, covered in hair, and a large nose and ears,” explained Moniz. “It is a trickster, shapeshifter, and is considered a soul stealer.”

With the help of Moniz, the production crew hoped to find evidence of one, but instead, the team experienced what Moniz referred to as “the strangeness of the triangle rearing its head.”

The Bridgewater Triangle & And The Curse That Lives There

Moniz explained that the most talked-about curse in the Bridgewater Triangle pertains to a Native American curse dating back to King Philip’s War. The bloodiest war per capita in US history, the battle between English settlers and the Native Americans took place in the mid-1670s in much of the Bridgewater Triangle.

“The British subjugated all of the natives in the area, killed their leaders, and took their historical records,” said Moniz. “A curse was placed on the land by the natives in response to all of the wrongdoing.”

Bridgewater Triangle on History Channel

“It was an interesting evening, let's put it that way,” said Moniz in response to that night’s investigation. From technological issues to compasses going crazy, to even a UFO sighting, the History Channel team certainly got there money's worth.

Want to see how it went? The Bridgewater Triangle episode is available on the History Channel website.

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