A new museum is coming to Boston and it's as sweet as it sounds.

The Museum of Ice Cream will soon have a home base on Boston's Seaport Boulevard come 2024 and it has us all screaming for ice cream. From Singapore to New York City, this popular ice cream vault is filled with multiple sensory exhibits.

Explore the making of ice cream, jump into a pool of sprinkles, slide down a two-story slide, and even get some alcoholic beverages as you explore all the ice cream displays.

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Ready for the best part? You'll even get to sample unique ice cream flavors while learning the history of how ice cream started and how it's made. Whatever you don't don't forget your phone. There are a lot of photo opportunities and brightly colored walls for the perfect vibrant selfie. Keep a keen eye out as there are also hidden things within each exhibit that make for a fun day out with friends and family.

Pop-Up Museum Of Ice Cream Appears In New York City
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Since Boston is the new home base, they had to install some Fenway Park and Red Sox-themed features throughout the museum from baseball bat columns to sports-themed furniture. Have a birthday coming up or even a bachelor/bachelorette party? The Boston Museum of Ice Cream is a unique experience that includes unlimited ice cream and dessert-themed play spaces.

It's an ice cream scooping extravaganza that's sweetening up the 'City of Champions' and it'll be open before you know it so reserve your tickets online today.

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