Whoever's in charge of Boston Market's marketing team needs a raise after this one.

First of all, if you have yet to walk this Earth and not have a chicken pot pie from Boston Market, you might want to reconsider your life choices.

Spoiler alert: It's delicious.

Today might be the day to get yourself a chicken pot pie from Boston Market. It's Wednesday, April 20, 2022, also known as "420 Day" across the nation, during which marijuana use is celebrated and encouraged by those who are "420-friendly."

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Boston Market has no affiliation with the green stuff, but certainly knows how to bake a savory pie, so it jumped on the 420 bandwagon with a pretty solid deal.

For one day and one day only, you can get a rotisserie chicken pot pie for $4.20. It's normally $5.99. You might only be saving a little more than a buck for a pie, but the marketing angle is priceless.

As far as the SouthCoast is concerned, the only local Boston Market you're going to find is over on Twelfth Street in Fall River. I called and spoke with one of the team members, Vanessa, who told me that the $4.20 deal is a go.

Also, don't be too concerned. The store is fully stocked with pot pies and ready to serve you one for lunch or dinner.

All in all, however, you celebrate April 20, a pot pie might be the perfect accompaniment.

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