The Auction Store in Swansea will be moving to a new, larger location very soon.

The store, located at 75 Swansea Mall Drive, sells brand name food, snacks and candy at super low discount prices because the products are very close to, or within the grace period of, the expiration date. It's a great way to save money on something you're not going to let sit on your shelf at home anyway.

According to a video on the store's Facebook page, the business that recently passed $2 million in sales is now looking for a new home when its current lease expires in a few months.

"We've got about four more months here, I believe it is, and (then) we'll be packing up and moving, to a bigger place," owner Mike St. Pierre said in the video. "And we'll announce that when it's time."

Will the Auction Store be staying in Swansea? Could it possibly be moving elsewhere? St. Pierre says in the video, "If you can make it Swansea, you can make it anywhere," so I think that leaves it wide open as to where this bigger, better store could be.

As soon as we know, we'll make sure that you know.

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