On Monday,June 23rd, I will have a tough time on the the air.  After a long debate with myself, and lengthy conversations with family and friends,that day will be the last day on the air for me in a full time capacity here at Fun 107.

I started my career here way back in 1992 when we were on the corner of Union St,back when Fun 107 was just a baby. I could go on and on about so many times here. Everything from funny moments, crazy moments,and sad moments as well. In any case, the memories here have been endless, and the amount of friends I have made will all last a lifetime. Its been such a pleasure talking to you everyday, and starting the "Flashback Lunch" way back in the late1990's

The decision to move down the dial a bit for a different opportunity was a very difficult one to say the least, but I think the time has come to make that move. However, the good news for me, (and you I hope), is that I still get to stay on the air part time, and I still get to talk to you on the weekend.

I hope my 23 years here has been as great for you listening, as it has been for me being on the mic. I want to say thanks so much to Joe Limardi, JR,Neal White, and Pete Braley for helping me get started in this business, and thanks to the many co-workers and friends current and past that I have met along the way.

Cheers to you, and we will talk again soon. Be ready for a great "Back In the Day Cafe" next Monday!!!

Scott Reiniche,