I remember watching Beverly Hills 90210 when I was probably too young to be watching it. The drama that would take place was so captivating, even if I didn't understand half of it.

Well, Fox has announced it is are bringing the show back–sort of. Of course, there are members of the cast that are no longer with us, so that's obstacle number one. It looks like the Fox network is putting together a "reality show" that will use the original cast to show all of them in the real world trying to come together for a 90210 reboot and all the challenges they are facing to make it happen.

Here is a teaser posted on the official BH 90210 Facebook page:

I'm a little disappointed that they couldn't pull together enough to get the actual reboot. I'm so nosy that I'm probably still going to watch this and be obsessed. I just hope that it leads into a real reboot of this show, even if just a "reunion" season.

I'm sure the writers of the original may not be down to develop their characters over the years but man, what a great show.

PS–Looking at this teaser clip, they all look amazing.

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