Yes, I am a proud fan of The Golden Girls. I have spent a plenty a weekend having marathons while indulging in a bottle of red wine or two.

I started getting really jealous when all these shows started doing reboots and got really sad when I realized there would never be a reboot of my favorite show ever.

Then I stumbled upon a Golden Girls parody video – or at least I thought it was a parody. After a little digging, I found out that it's an actual touring puppet show, with dates in the United States

So it's not the actual cast – or even real people for that matter. The puppeteers of That Golden Girls Show! look to be super talented and have mastered the mannerisms and voices of the original cast. Here is a list of the current tour dates.

If you looked at that list, you will notice they won't come too close to us on this tour. Now, I'm not going to say they won't be, as they are still firming up dates and venues; however, I want them to come at least within driving distance. This is worth the drive to Boston, Providence or even Mohegan Sun.

My plea is that they come to the SouthCoast. I feel like with the right venue, the gals and the gays would come and sell it out.

Who is with me on this? Who you go see this Golden Girls puppet show?

Here is a little sneak peek video I found on the web:


If you need a bit more of a teaser, I found a longer video on the ABC website.

Do I really have to beg? Am I the only one dying to have this come to the area so I can go see it?

I also stumbled upon this possible reboot with Jane Lynch.

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