I like to yell out “Mobsters & Lobsters” when people talk about Rhode Island politics around me. It's something I heard once and just never let die.

Since I’m stuck at home, like everyone else, I've run out of things to read about and I started Googling the history of the "Mobsters & Lobsters" phrase. Mostly I was hoping to pull up some memes but nothing turned up. All I could find were some yelp reviews for a company I’d have never heard of, The Mobsters & Lobsters Trolley Tour in Boston.

Mobsters and lobsters are two things that could actually kill me; mobsters kill people and I’m allergic to lobsters. But you know what? I’m going to go on this wild ride as soon as we’re allowed to because true crime is life.

The Mobsters part of the tour takes riders “inside Boston’s storied, shadowy, sinister underbelly. The tour includes sites of historic heists, mobster hideaways and hangouts, and ‘old neighborhood’ locales shrouded in intrigue and mystery. Guests will hear tales of thievery and scams, mayhem and cover-ups, and untimely demises” as narrated by the owner/driver Tom Collins.

The Lobster part of the tour is twofold. During the trip, Tom’s wife Victoria rides with guests in a full lobster costume, purely for entertainment and photos. Then, at the end of the tour, everyone is treated to a fancy Boston-y boiled lobster dinner and wine tasting.

I know a lot of us may be slow to warm up to the idea of long-distance traveling in the next few months, but time traveling through Boston’s crime history seems like a tour you can’t refuse.

Mobsters and Lobsters Facebook page
Mobsters & Lobsters via Facebook

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