Remakes and reboots are getting old.

Men In Black, Jumanji, Tomb Raider and more can be added to the list of remakes or reboots that have come out or are expected to be released soon.

I feel like there have been so many movies that have been rebooted lately. To me, it seems as if Hollywood’s filmmakers have lost their desire to create something with an original concept. Some reasons for this can be either filmmakers are losing their creativity or they are deciding to greenlight remakes and reboots of movies because they’re afraid to take risks on new ideas.

Even if it is the latter reason, it still doesn’t make sense, because it’s not guaranteed the remake will provide the same success as the original. In my opinion, a lot of the remakes feel rushed and devoid of the same excitement as the originals.

However, I think there is massive hope and promise in producer and writer Jordan Peele. You may remember him as a comedian on Comedy Central’s Key and Peele show. Peele is tremendously talented in showing his ability to delve into comedy and more recently, directing, producing and writing the psychological thriller Get Out.

Yesterday, he released a trailer for his upcoming movie Us. I definitely will be checking this movie out because I have loved his use symbolism and themes in his films. Based on the trailer, it looks like this film will have you thinking about its purpose and meaning.

Do you feel Hollywood filmmakers are lacking creativity?

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