There are a lot of different ways to rank a school district. Student-to-teacher ratio, test score results, diversity, and even by the food. But for students who love to play sports, a lot of that may not matter to them. This list may, however.

We've used results from the latest 2022 surveys from to determine which school districts across the SouthCoast are offering the most competitive environments for student-athletes.

The site uses Department of Education data along with millions of their own survey results to rank schools across the country in dozens of different ways, including the best schools for sports.

These days finding scholarship money for college can be huge and often makes the difference in the type of education a family can afford. Making the most of the scholarship opportunities means making the most of your high school years on and off the field.

Knowing you are in a school district where your athletic skills can shine and help take you to the next level of your sport can be a big deal to local families trying to find ways to get their kids through the higher education years.

Though Niche also ranks colleges across the United States, we've used their 2022 results of the Best School Districts for Athletes on a K-12 level. Niche bases results on parent and student reviews, the number of sports offered at a school as well as the number of students who participate in sports to rank every district in Massachusetts.

Most of the schools on the list fair pretty well with's sports ratings and only two schools fall below a B. Not too shabby for SouthCoast sports, but there are still those districts that rank higher than others.

See where your local schools fall on the list and how the rest of the SouthCoast rates as well.

Best SouthCoast School Districts For Athletes

There are lots of different ways to rank SouthCoast schools, student to teacher ratio, test score results and more. Though for hundreds of student athletes, one way may mean more than others.
New school data from across the state has ranked schools by their sports programs and here is how school districts on the SouthCoast stack up.

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