There are plenty of places to live in Massachusetts, but which city or town is the best? See the study results here. has done the research and is letting you know where in Massachusetts you may want to put down roots.

They've studied lots of cities and based on their criteria categories of "family fun", “health and safety,” “education and child care,” “socio-economics” and “affordability,” Massachusetts ranks has the 6th best state in the country.

But where in Massachusetts should you settle?

They say the best city overall is Longmeadow with Franklin Town, Winchester, Lexington and Wellesley rounding out the Top 5.

WalletHub ranked over 80 cities and towns...and sadly most of the Southcoast shows up well near the bottom.

Somerset was the highest ranking Southcoast town, coming in at #29. Taunton shows up next at #52.

As for New Bedford and Fall River...they ranked #79 and #81 respectively.

And more bad news for Fall River, they also ranked among the worst for divorce rate, violent-crime rate and families living below the poverty level.

See all the results here.

Source: WalletHub

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