There are great things, and not-so-great things about any state where you'd choose to live or visit.  What would you consider the best thing to be about Massachusetts?  What about the worst thing?  Same for Rhode Island?

The website put together a list of what they considered the best and worst of each state.  Here's what they said.

Massachusetts Best:  Few trigger fingers.  The website reports that the Bay State has the fewest per capita deaths caused by guns of any state in the U.S.

Massachusetts Worst:  No kids allowed.  24/7 Wall St. says that the Commonwealth has the lowest annual birthrate in the country.

Rhode Island Best:  Mansions.  The website notes the beauty of Newport and the spectacular mansions where the rich and famous once played.

Rhode Island Worst:  Speed bumps.  It's reported that the roads and bridges in Rhode Island are the worst in the country as far a potholes and disrepair goes.

I'm sure you can think of many other things you'd consider the best and worst about each state.

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