On the brand new list of America's most educated states, the Bay State is on top.  That's according to a new report published by MSNmoney.com.

Massachusetts is at number 1 due to having the highest percentage of adults over 25 with a bachelor's degree.  Over 42 percent of the people living here have a degree.  The report also says the share of those with bachelor's degress in the state is increasing faster than it is anywhere else.

Some other stats from that ranking include the median household income is $75,297 per year in Massachusetts.  That's 4th highest in the nation.  And as far as unemployment goes, the state has the 10th lowest number of people who are out of work in the U.S.

As far as neighboring states, New Hampshire comes in at number 7 on the lost of the most educated states, Connecticut is number 4, New Hampshire is 7th, Vermont is at number 8, and Rhode Island is 12th.  Looks like a lot of smart people are living in New England.


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