The movie, set to come out this fall, centers around Conrad Roy III's suicide. 

While Michelle Carter's case is still in the appeals process, a movie starring Bella Thorne as Carter is set to premiere on Lifetime on September 23. The movie will be called "Conrad & Michelle: If Words Could Kill" and will follow the story of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III who are both from here on the SouthCoast. Carter is from Plainville and Roy from Mattapoisett. The two met and were dating in the year prior to Roy's death in 2014.

Roy committed suicide in his truck in the parking lot of KMart in Fairhaven in 2014. Carter was charged with encouraging him to follow through with the act through texts and phone calls. At the time, she was 17 and Roy was 18. She was convicted of manslaughter in the summer of 2017.

"Conrad & Michelle" will be based on court testimony, real text messages, and the actual events that unfolded following Roy's death. The movie will also follow the trajectory of Carter's trial and conviction which gained national media attention and sparked countless debates about whether or not Carter's words caused Roy's death.

The judge ruled that Carter cannot profit in any way following the trial. Meaning any book deals, movies, or in any other way. In other words, she will make 0 dollars off this film.

Carter is currently working with her lawyers on an appeal case that accuses the prosecution of "cherry-picking" certain text messages to help win the trial.




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