Noelle and David Rudloff were walking into Gillette Stadium for the U2 concert last weekend and found the rings in the parking lot. They're STILL looking for the owners!

"We were at U2 this past Sunday (6/25) at Gillette Stadium and as we were headed through the parking area before the show my husband found a diamond and platinum engagement/wedding ring combo. As of now (according to Foxboro police and stadium security) no one has reported it missing. I am hoping through the power of FB, the ring can be reunited with its owner. It is obviously very special to someone (it is engraved with a unique message). Please consider sharing this post, especially if you know of FB friends that attended the U2 concert. Any inquiries can be directed to the Foxboro Police Department. Thank you!"

Share this post so that the owners might catch a glimpse of their lost treasure and hopefully be reunited!

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