Halloween is a time when you can really flex your candy status. It doesn't take much to be the MVP of the Halloween game, but it also doesn't take much to be pathetic, either.

In the world of trick or treating, let's be honest – all candy is not created equal. There are different levels of Halloween handouts. They range from the full king-sized bars to the worst of the worst: the guy who hands out coins or fruit. If you're that guy, you should be ashamed of yourself. I mean, c'mon, weren't you a kid once?

Then, there's the dentist that hands out toothbrushes and toothpaste. It never made any sense to me for dentists to hand out toothpaste. I'd think that's bad for business.

We mention the worst of the worst above, but we should just set them aside because they are beyond help. Don't think for a minute that it doesn't matter. To this day, as a grown man, I can remember the houses that used to go all out for Halloween. One of them was the Demoulas house in Lowell. You might have heard of their grocery store chain called Market Basket. The Demoulas house was the first one that I ever saw give out king-sized bars like they were going out of style. Trust me, word spread fast. Kids from neighboring towns would go to his neighborhood. The guy was a legend, and all these years later, that still sticks with me.

If you want to build on your Halloween status, here are five of the best and worst Halloween candies to give out to trick or treaters.

Michael Rock's Best and Worst Halloween Candies

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