is reporting that the same BCC student who was charged with hacking Paris Hilton's phone back in 2005 is now facing some new charges.  He's been accused of channeling his inner Ferris Bueller and hacking BCC's computer system to change his grades and the grades of two other students.

Cameron Lacroix, of New Bedford, is being charged with breaking into his school's computer network and allegedly the computer of a law enforcement office and is being accused of stealing bank card data of more than 14,000 account holders. He is facing two counts of computer intrusion and one count of access device fraud. Lacroix has pleaded guilty and will serve four years in prison followed by three years of supervision.

This is not the first time Lacroix has been linked with similar charges. He was charged with 18 counts of hacking crimes in 2008 and served 11 months at a juvenile facility after pleaded guilty to hacking Paris Hilton's phone. Lacroix was also found guilty of making bomb threats at two different high schools. The estimated damages caused by his actions are upwards of $1 million.

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