If you are looking for things to do over this February vacation, here a quick, fun idea.  Barrett's Alehouse has one of the biggest game rooms here on the Southcoast.  It has more than 40 games, where adults and kids alike can have fun.

Barrett's is always rotating in new games, so you're always in for something new and fresh.  We visited Barrett's Ale House this week, and the hottest game (by far) was the Walking Dead.

Whether its shooting aliens or shooting hoops, Barrett's Alehouse is the place to go if you are looking for a good time with or without the kids. My wife and I take the kids there all the time. While they play video games...we enjoy food and conversation.  It really is a great time for all four of us!

One other plus about Barrett's Ale House and Game Room is the 21st century way they handle points in the game room.  Forget about counting tickets!  Here is how their credit system works. According to the Barrett's Alehouse website...

Our machines take digital point cards, so you can save unused credit for another night of fun without worrying about misplacing a pocket full of tokens. The more you practice, the more tickets you’ll win—and that means bigger and better prizes to take home. Our prize booth includes everything from candy and stuffed animals, to collectible figurines and electronic devices.

Come check out the Barrett's Alehouse game room if you wanna have a great time, you just might catch me playing the Aliens game there! Barrett's Alehouse is located at 4171 North Main Street in Fall River. Any questions?  Call 508-674-3600.

Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza

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