One thing that I absolutely love about the president is how unafraid and unshy he is about pledging his love for First Lady, Michelle.

That is sexy! Even on the night of the first presidential debate, which happened to also be Barack and Michelle's twentieth anniversary, the president's sentiments and opening remarks were to wish his wife a happy anniversary and to thank her for marrying him 20 years ago. After watching what seemed like the POTUS not be "into" the debate what so ever, I speculated that he wanted to be somewhere else; enjoying his anniversary.

Another "awe" moment came during the president's victory speech on election night. He stated proudly for the entire nation to hear "Michelle, I've never loved you more. I've never been prouder than to watch our country fall in love with you."

Most of our politicians and leaders keep their poker face on. Business all the time. It's nice to watch a man honor his wife and not be afraid to do so publicly. It's absolutely romantic and sweet.