And so it begins: the tallying of which Patriots will and won't visit the White House.

Duron Harmon seems pretty clear that he won't be going. According to NBC Sports Boston, he said, "They don't want me in the White House, man."

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the Patriots and their support of President Trump. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft have all shown support of Trump in the past. Because of that, a lot of folks across the country like to frame the Patriots as a proud part of the MAGA movement, but clearly, that's not totally the case.

Harmon was asked about how the Golden State Warriors decided to visit former President Obama instead of going to the White House and Harmon seemed pretty on board with doing something similar. "That would be dope... Hey Obama, holler at me man! We love you over here man!"

Who knows how this will all turn out? We're still getting word on which Red Sox players will visit the White House for winning the World Series a few months ago. Just recently we found out Mookie Betts would not be going.

It's a bit of a foolish thing to begin with, seeing as it's really nothing but a photo op. At least if any Patriots decide to go they might end up with something better than some fast food hamburgers.


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