Should we ban the word "bossy"?

A new study from Time Magazine , states that bossy "epitomizes a double-standard among men and women pursuing leadership roles."

This isn't just a female thing though, as men can be described as bossy as well. This movement is called 'Lean In' and was created by Sheryl Sandberg, a billionaire turned iconic turned crusader for women in the workplace. The article explains how other words should be banned as well such as 'lesbian', 'dinosaur', 'tornado', and 'selfie'.

Beyonce, Jennifer Garner and Condoleezza Rice are all a part of this 'ban bossy' campaign.  Now, here's something, Beyonce wants to ban this word but she uses words in her songs that are far worse than 'bossy', as does her husband Jay-Z, so that seems pretty hypocritical to me.  Another thing, how is creating a movement to ban a word, not...bossy?

As far as I'm concerned, I think there are far worse words to be offended by than the word 'bossy'...and, I'm not going to let a word define who I am and what I am capable of achieving as a woman.