Governor Charlie Baker took the drastic move earlier this week of banning the sales of vaping products throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While some cheered the governor for the bold step to curb teen vaping, others were outraged not only because they felt it was unfair to prohibit adults from choosing to vape, but also by the effects the ban would have on the state's mom and pop vape shops.

One reader, Rob Tate, wrote, "How about the owners of these vape shops who are getting railroaded right now by a half baked, poorly researched ban...but cigarettes are still legal."

As it turns out, it didn't take long for one Acushnet store to react. This afternoon, the Acushnet Vapor Co. was seen unloading its stock from the store. According to one witness, the woman walked up to an employee and asked, "Are you cleaning out the store?" The employee said, "Yes" before closing and locking the doors.

Looking through the windows of the store, the inventory has been completely removed from the retail vape shop. The ownership of Acushnet Vapor Co. could not be reached for comment, but a printed sign was hanging on the front door explaining why the store had been emptied.

Townsquare Media

A sign on Acushnet Vapor Co. read that "Governor Baker declared a public health emergency in the Commonwealth due to severe lung disease associated with the use of e-cigarettes and vaping products and the epidemic of e-cigarette use among youth."

Townsquare Media

Ashley O'Leary, a manager at Acushnet Vaper Co, tells Fun 107 that the store is not closing. "We're actually in the process of remodeling. While we are not selling any vape related products, we still have our tobacco permit which allows us to be open."

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