For anyone hoping to get their hand on some Peeps this Easter, you may be disappointed when you can't find any.

With Easter just a few weeks away, you may be trying to come up with creative ways to celebrate at home. My family would do an Easter egg hunt, but with money instead of candy. This year we can still do one but we may need to get a little creative.

Some of you may be upset by the news that an Easter staple candy has to shut down production. As a matter of fact, today the Peeps factory closed both of its production facilities in Pennsylvania.

To me, this news means nothing. I actually think Peeps marshmallows are disgusting. They look cute, don't get me wrong, but every time I would get some on Easter they would either go right in the garbage or be re-gifted to someone who actually would eat them.

Can you believe they actually make about one billion Peeps a year for the holiday? It's the one holiday that Peeps get center stage. Needless to say, no business is truly safe right now.

A representative from the company Just Born had this to say: “We will take this opportunity to further clean and sanitize our production facilities, offices and corporate headquarters."

The company has been making these marshmallow delights since 1953 and will continue to pay its workers for a determined amount of time.

I feel for the workers, don't get me wrong, but as far as the Peeps? Get them while you can, but I'll be glad when giving them to me for Easter won't be an option!

Will you miss Peeps?

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