On today's Fun 107 morning show, Maddie, a lifelong Rhode Islander, was stunned to learn that Massachusetts not only still bans fireworks, but that it's the final holdout in the entire nation.

It's true.

Every other state in the United States of America has green-lighted the sale and use of fireworks.  For some reason, Massachusetts is not ready to take the leap, which is kind of unusual when you think about how our state works. We're usually out ahead of modernizing laws.

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You might remember that Massachusetts was the very first state to legalize same-sex marriage nearly 20 years ago, way back in May of 2004.

Massachusetts wasn't the first to decriminalize marijuana (that was California in the '90s), but it was definitely an early adopter of the idea. Decriminalization of small amounts of the drug became legal in 2008. By 2018, cannabis retail stores were open for recreational adult use.

Wouldn't it seem like Massachusetts would be one of the states to lead the way in throwing out the fireworks ban? Things just haven't gone that way.  All these years later, Massachusetts is still the lone holdout.

While fireworks have been illegal in Massachusetts for as long as I can remember, that has never stopped residents from driving across the New Hampshire and Rhode Island borders to stock up and bring them back to the Bay State to light off (or even sell).

What Happens If You're Caught With Fireworks?

If a police officer catches you with fireworks, the officer is obligated to seize them.  There is no option. You would face a fine up to $100 for possession.

If you are selling the fireworks, however, that is more serious. Police must seize the fireworks. You'll also face up a year in prison and up to a $1,000 fine.

Fairhaven and Dartmouth Police have already sent out warnings to residents about the dangers of fireworks and the consequences of using and selling them.

Local police and firefighters urge Massachusetts residents to enjoy the professional fireworks lighting up the skies this weekend.

Here is a guide to dates/times of SouthCoast fireworks.

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