A cell phone ban could be coming to certain Rhode Island schools. Should all schools think about doing this too?

As a parent who is just sending her child off to school for the very first time I really have no idea how much cell phones are being used in schools these days. But it must be a lot if Warwick schools are thinking about banning them.

I can totally see why cell phones could be a huge distraction to teenagers during the day. And banning them from classrooms does sound like it makes sense.

I mean, bring them with you, leave them in the locker and check back in at the end of the day. No big deal, right?

Of course I can see the other side too. Cell phones are useful as calculators or doing a quick bit of online research while in class.

But is that really how they're being used?

I'm pretty sure the students don't want to lose their cell phones and will definitely try to fight this plan, but what do you think parents and teachers?

Are cell phones a problem in the classroom? Should we be getting rid of them in more schools this upcoming school year?

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