An April Fools joke by M&Ms has people practically demanding an addition to their line of tasty chocolates.

April Fools! is what M&Ms posted after promoting a new bacon M&M all day on April 1st. Good joke right? Apparently not.

Seems a lot of people really got excited about the idea of bacon bits surrounded in tasty chocolate and I'm not too surprised.

From what I've heard about last year's Chocolate Affair event, there was basically a line all night to try the chocolate covered bacon brought by Emma Jeans, so it's no surprise to me that people really would like to see bacon M&Ms.

But even though the company has acknowledged the outpouring of support for them, they aren't jumping on board with introducing them just yet. Considering they just released their real new candy, birthday cake M&Ms, I suppose fans of bacon M&Ms shouldn't get their hopes up just yet.

But here's hoping we get more chocolate covered bacon at this year's Chocolate Affair!