If you thought 2020 couldn’t get just a tiny bit weirder, give this a whiff.

I present to you bacon-scented wrapping paper. A company called “Manly Man Co.” sells a scratch-and-sniff wrapping paper that is – you guessed it – bacon-scented. The paper itself has a black background with strips of bacon spread out neatly across. One roll is 30 inches wide and eight feet long, and available on the Manly Man Co. website for $20. The website itself says, “The most majestic of foods, second to none, worshiped by men everywhere!  Just watch his face light up when he realizes his gifts smell like bacon.”

Manly Man Co. is based in Laguna, California, as stated on their Instagram page. In addition to bacon-scented paper, they also sell a variety of meat-themed products. This includes beef jerky flower bouquets, bacon roses of the chocolate and caramel variety, and “Meathearts,” a beef jerky twist on the classic Valentine's Day candy. They even carry beef jerky variety packs in personalized, tactical stockings. The tactical Christmas stockings are also available jerky-free.

Want to give a gift using bacon-scented wrapping paper, but don’t feel like spending the money? Just make your own. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Make some bacon, or acquire some bacon grease, whichever is easier.
  2. Take some wrapping paper, preferably something thicker and/or heavier.
  3. Rub the paper in the bacon grease. Keep the paper flat, don’t fold it or crumple it.
  4. Let the paper dry. It is not advised that you wrap presents in grease-soaked paper.

That’s it. Manly Man Co. has the perfect gift for any, “manly man” you know. Definitely check them out if anyone you know would be interested in their array of meat-themed gifts.

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