It took two months to reveal what the newest giant anteater's gender is. So what did they have?

While most people are having gender reveal parties well before their babies are born, over at Roger Williams Park Zoo it took two months after their giant anteater was born to know what the sex was.

And they can now tell us that the new baby is a girl.

In a recent Facebook post, the zoo shared the exciting news and told zoogoers that the baby was named Demo by her keeper Kim. Kim chose the name because it's a combination of her parents names, Delilah and Mochilla.

If you've been to the zoo lately, you may have seen this adorable baby girl riding around on her mother's back.

Seems Demo is likely able to make a slow gallop of her own, but will probably still want to hitch a ride on mom for up to a year.

Sounds like my kids.

Seriously though, keepers stayed away the past few months to make sure mother and baby had plenty of opportunity to bond. Explaining why they waited to find out the gender.

Daddy Mochilla is still out of the picture as well.

Male giant anteaters don't have any part is raising the babies, so Mochilla is being given his own space near the flamingos until Demo gets a bit older.

She is an adorable little thing and looks super tiny riding around on her mom.

If you haven't had a chance to see this newest arrival at the zoo, stop in before she gets too big.

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