Ariana Grande celebrated a Twitter milestone today (Oct. 2) by popping some pink champagne -- just not the kind you think!

Upon hitting an amazing 10 million followers on Twitter yesterday (Oct. 1), Ariana thanked fans with a free song, old favorite 'Pink Champagne.' She promised last week that she would release the track when her number of followers hit the magic number.

Ariana hilariously calls 'Pink Champagne, recorded when she was only 17, one of her "fetus songs." The track doesn't appear on her debut album, 'Yours Truly,' much to fans' disappointment. So she wanted to make sure her Arianators were happy with their thank you gift for helping her gain so many followers.

"As a thank you, I wanted to give you guys this song, which I know you love and makes you so happy," Ariana says in the video introduction to the song. "I know you guys were super disappointed that it didn't make it to the first album. Although I wouldn't change anything about my first album, I did want to make sure you guys were satisfied."