It was not the game Patriots fans thought they'd see this weekend. So did it leave you nervous about the playoffs?

After a great game against Buffalo, there was no way New England Patriots fans thought they would be watching the 4-11 Dolphins take away our playoff bye week at Gillette in December.

If there is anything that has spoken to how off the Patriots have been this season, it is the late December loss to the Dolphins at home.

I mean the Patriots' home December record was something of legend. They were virtually unbeatable.

So what the heck happened? And has it left you downright fearful of the playoffs this year?

Next Saturday night, the Patriots will welcome the Tennessee Titans to Gillette for their wild card playoff game. And while I completely expect them to win, I am nervous about the outcome.

Added bonus, that game date (January 4th) is going to be my 40th birthday. So I really would like a playoff win as my gift, guys.

But will I get it?

Am I the only one getting mentally prepared for disappointment? I am the only one concerned this team may not even make it to the AFC Championship game?

We have been hanging our hats on the defense for weeks now. And they somehow let the Dolphins score 27 points yesterday.

What is going on?

I think our saving grace as fans is the incredible record this team has. In the grand scheme of things, we are seriously blessed fans with the success rate over the last 20 years.

But it also makes us a bit spoiled. We now expect the wins.

And I'm just not sure that trend is going to continue this playoff season.

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