Incredibly, she did a marathon on all seven continents in just seven days. Carver elementary school teacher Renee DeMarsh recently competed in the World Marathon Challenge. She finished 3rd in the women's division and 13th overall.

The 52-year-old DeMarsh, who lives in East Sandwich, is a physical education teacher in Carver. According to, the teacher competed as a fundraiser for the Cape Cod Big Brothers and Big Sisters program.

She told the website that she kept in touch with her students as she traveled around the globe. Even though Demarsh returned with very sore feet and blisters on her toes, she said she would do the world marathon again. Her two daughters were able to join the teacher as she wrapped-up the grueling competition..

Renee DeMarsh Facebook
Renee DeMarsh Facebook

The teacher said she that while home, she runs about 40 miles each week, She has also competed in the Boston Marathon five times.

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