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It's not everyday you ponder on the topic of walking canes, wondering when that day is going to come where you'll need one to get around. Luckily, if or when that day comes, you'll be happy to know that there are options out there, with modernized canes that will actually enhance your appearance.

I bet you're wondering why someone like me, a 30-year-old fitness freak, is focusing valuable time on walking canes? But there's a solid reason for it.

The other day I visited my parents house and wanted to show them some photos I had posted to Facebook. I asked to use their computer, and out of habit I only typed in the letters "F" and "a" and immediately, without checking to see if the rest of the website was correct, I pressed the "ENTER" key. To my surprise, I was directed to another website, and it clearly had nothing to do with social media.

I kid you not, it was a website for fancy walking canes! My first thought was, why the heck are my parents looking up canes? They're both still young and active and have no use for one. Perhaps it's for my grandfather for a Christmas gift? Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for any of this.

Admittedly, though, I was drawn into the photo galleries filled with modernized canes for both men and women, and found myself slowly falling down a rabbit hole. These canes were insanely nice! Who knew?

From fashionable to ladies floral canes, men's wooden canes to folding compact canes, this site has it all. Oh, and did I mention WEAPON CANES? WHAT?!

Need a cane that turns into a sword? FashionableCanes.com has it. In the market for a Blackthorn Shillelagh Fighting Stick? FashionableCanes.com's got you covered. Looking to "stun" the crowd with a 1,000,000 volt stun gun cane? BAM! FashionableCanes.com is your one-stop shop.

These days, people eyeglasses frames without the prescription lenses just for the style. It makes me wonder, what if these canes could be the next trendy fashion statement? I mean, I might be on board with this. Would you? Take our poll below:


What was a simple mislead internet surf turned out to be something highly interesting, and I'm glad I stumbled across it.

Oddly enough, I now know what I'm getting my Dad for Christmas this year. Sorry, not sorry, Pops.

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