My daughter is getting ready to head off to school for the first time, but a few things about her new school seemed unusual to me.

Preschool is right around the corner for my little one and it's going to be a whole new world for both of us.

I've been lucky enough to have family watching my kids during the week up until now, so this will be the first time she's ever had someone we're not related to taking care of her.

And though it's a bit scary (mostly for me), I know she's in the right place. It was the only preschool we went to that she didn't stayed glued to my side and instead headed off with other kids. She's going to love it.

But in prepping for her first day I noticed a few things I wasn't quite expecting. Things that I thought were great, but a bit unusual.

1. Kids are asked to wear slippers in school

Yup, every kid brings slippers with them the first day and they stay at school all year. When they are in class, slippers are on. Shoes are for recess and heading home only.

And while I love this idea and wish I could do it in my own home, here's the catch. No character slippers. Any slippers that could be distracting are sent home. Plain, old house slippers only.

2. No backpacks

Parents are told not to send their kids to class with a backpack. Seems anything she'll need is at the school already and there's nothing she'd be bringing home that would require a bag, so no bags allowed.

3. Lunches must be green and snacks have to be fruits or vegetables

While many schools ban peanut butter, our new school has a ban on non-reusable packaging. So your lunch cannot include pre-packaged bags of chips or cookies or anything like that. All food must be packed in reusable containers that come back again and again.

Again an idea I love, but seemed unusual to me.

Kids are also required to bring only fruits or vegetables for daily snacks and anything else won't be served to them at snack time.

In theory I love all of these ideas. They are teaching the kids to be clean, care for the Earth and eat healthy. I'm pretty sure by the end of her first year of school my daughter's going to be teaching me about being a better person.

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