When most people think of a classroom pet, they think hamster, gerbil or maybe even turtle.

Have you ever thought cow?

Probably not, but area dairy farmers want teachers and students to know that a beautiful bovine could be your classroom's next pet.

As a child (OK, even as an adult), this would have been my dream. For whatever reason I have always loved cows and having one as a class pet that I could learn about and watch grow throughout the school year would have blown my mind.

Turns out this mind-blowing experience could happen for classrooms across the SouthCoast. All you have to do is sign up at DiscoveryDairy.com.

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The farmers behind this website have designed a virtual class pet program in which dairy cows are adopted as calves from schools all across the country. Students then watch their class' cow live life on the farm week after week.

It not only gives kids a great real-life view of farm life and what it takes to be a farmer these days, but it teaches them about an exciting new animal that they may not get to experience up close otherwise.

Best of all, teachers, getting involved in the Adopt A Cow program is completely free.

Luckily, here on the SouthCoast there are actually a few dairy farms, so teachers can turn their virtual class pet into a real-life class field trip at some point in the spring. Even though you may not actually get to visit your class' pet cow, seeing one up close will really bring this year-long learning opportunity to life.

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