More snow is headed our way and this time it doesn't look like it will be mixing with rain.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning could get a little messy across the SouthCoast with several inches of snow in the forecast.

According to ABC6 meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers, we're looking at a 2-5" range that looks to be all snow this time around.

If you ask me I'd say, "Finally a snowstorm with all snow!"

I know I'm one of the few happy with snow in the forecast yet again, but this storm doesn't seem like it'll be too bad or make the roadways too hectic.

Things are expected to start later into the day on Wednesday so the commute the following morning will be the one to worry about.

And though the range could result in a full five inches of snow, more likely an inch or two will fall and school delays may be made for Thursday morning.

It's kind of crazy that Wednesday night's storm could bring with it the same amount of snow that we've seen across the SouthCoast all winter so far.

And though doubling our season's snowfall in one night may sound bad, it really doesn't look like it'll be that bad at all.

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