It's not often that I'm disappointed, but this scenario takes the cake.

Earlier this year, my brother and I received our heritage results via, and it seemed pretty accurate to what we assumed from the beginning: half Portuguese, half French-Canadian.

So basically, we paid for a service to tell us what we already knew. Awesome.

Well, here's where it gets interesting. Over the past month, has shocked the world with a major update to their catalog system collection.

Since they now have more samples from a lot more people who have signed up for their already expensive program (that the good Lord knows is probably a scam), they basically are now able to have more extensive information about your roots.

Ready for the bombshell?

If you're familiar with The Michael Rock Show, you already know that I take pride in my Portuguese background, regardless if it was only half. Well... SURPRISE!

Is this real life?! So, I'm just a tiny bit of Portuguese and very much French. I mean, talk about #FakeNews!

I've already been a guest on the Portuguese Channel, an advocate for any kind of Portuguese food, and of course the mother of everything Portuguese, the MC for the 2018 Feast of the Blessed Sacrament. Yikes!

I will say that, in my defense, I had no idea. I was raised by my Vavo when my parents had to work, and that house was VERY Portuguese. I also stayed at my Mémère and Pépère's house, the French side, but there really wasn't a presence of the French culture.

So now not only am I confused, but I'm slightly disappointed in the fact that I've been living a lie. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with being French. I'm proud of that side too, just as equally. I'm more upset at the fact that I've been telling people something that I'm not. What a phony!

Moral of the story: don't believe everything you read. I mean, how accurate can these tests be?

Thanks for nothing, Now I can see how arguments can come about from this phony-baloney DNA test.


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